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Zinet Kemal is an accomplished professional who has achieved remarkable success in multiple fields. An immigrant, mother of four, and successful career changer. Zinet is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity practitioner and award-winning children’s book author, speaker, and non-profit board member. She is currently a Cloud Security Engineer for a Fortune 500 organization and a member of the Board Director of a non-profit organization, Black Girls in Cyber, which aims to increase the representation of women of color in entry-level Cybersecurity, Privacy, and STEM careers.

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Award Winning Children's Book

Oh, No...Hacked Again!

Oh, No...Hacked Again!
Award Winning Children's Book

Proud in Her Hijab

Proud In Her Hijab Cover

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Kirkus Review Professional

"A girl learns a lesson about not sharing her online passwords in this picture book from cybersecurity professional Kemal. Eight-year-old Elham loves playing games on Zokanda, an online platform that uses Coin, a virtual currency, for special in-game features. But when she takes a suspicious online survey to earn Coin, she has to provide her username and password, and soon she’s locked out of the game. At first, she doesn’t want to tell her mom, but she remembers how her parent saved the day when her older brother was hacked. They come up with strategies to keep Elham’s account more secure—and to help her make better choices. Elham then dreams of being a cybersecurity expert who helps other kids. Kemal uses the experiences and names of her children to create a realistic cautionary tale. It employs accessible vocabulary in a child’s voice, and the message feels more like receiving advice from a friend than being scolded. In semirealistic cartoon illustrations, Izmaylova depicts Kemal and her family, who are Black, with a keen eye for details of their Ethiopian Muslim heritage; both the mom and the older version of Elham are shown wearing hijabs. A story with a clear message and smart coverage of a timely topic."

Literary Titan Professional

Proud in Her Hijab: A Story of Family Strength, Empowerment, and Identity is a heartwarming picture book that will not only educate but help young girls feel confident in their choices. Author Zinet Kemal has written a beautiful children's book in a way that is conversational, easy to understand, and relatable to children in elementary school. Kemal delicately approaches a difficult topic. Proud in Her Hijab is a well-conceived and educational picture book for young readers. This is an excellent resource for teachers and parents to teach about diversity and inclusion, different cultures, and kindness."

Self-Publishing Review Professional

"A charming, relatable, and colorful introduction to cybersecurity and general online safety, Oh No...Hacked Again! is an important read for children in today's gadget-filled, tech-driven world. Quick, simple, inclusive, and educational, this vibrantly illustrated book will leave readers with plenty to think about next time they jump online, regardless of their age."

Readers' Favorite Professional

"Proud in Her Hijab: A Story of Family Strength, Empowerment, and Identity, is a compassionate look at one girl's journey into accepting who she is and that, yes, she is beautiful like everyone else. The story is both educational and inspirational especially for young girls to recognize their inner beauty and be proud of themselves. The plot follows Iman's journey from hurt to empowerment as she returns to school intent on teaching her fellow students about her hijab and that she does have beautiful (and clean) hair underneath. The story will definitely inspire young readers to be confident in what they wear and in who they are - we are who we are for a reason and we shouldn't have to cower to others' opinions of us. Be yourself and be proud of who you are. Beautifully told."

Literary Titan Professional

"Oh, No… Hacked Again! A Story About Online Safety is a practical children’s book to introduce the idea of computer safety to young elementary kids through middle grades. The message is told in a language that is easy to understand and the artwork fits well with the story."

Aj Yawn Customer

I read Proud In Her Hijab to my two little ones last week! Such a great story and important lesson for kids to embrace their differences and also educate those around them. So proud of you, Zinet!

Jessica Bishop Customer

My son and I love this book so much. It approaches the very important topic of online safety in a way that is very understandable by children in the 6-9 age range. It approaches important online safety topics that very much apply to all children and adults but not in a boring stuffy way. The book is fun to read and the illustrations are so lovely. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

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